Band Biographies: Daniel Bohn

Daniel Bohn is a singer-songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri, focusing on progressive metal, with melodic singing and soundtrack-like harmonies splashed with death metal and rock. With influences from bands such as Buried And Me, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, The Ocean and Obscura, Daniel strives to make unique, dark, twisted and melodic music. He loves to write about nature and mental disorders, like anxiety and depression. His goal is to help people and the world heal through music and to create an emotional journey for the audience to partake in. Daniel expresses his stories through visceral growling to soaring melodic vocals, techy riffs, abrasive and powerful drums and mellifluous and sombre arrangements. The goal is to create vast textures in a broad framework of the metal genre.

Currently, Daniel Bohn is working on a tetralogy focusing on the story of a characters journey that leads him to suicide, to a fantasy realm born of nightmares. The journey takes place as game for a goddess who is wanting to make up for her insecurities.

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