Behind The Artworks: Provectus - Postero Mundi (2022)

This almost compulsive and deep zeitgeist we have always seems to return again, so we made full use of it in our new art. Postero Mundi means: the new world, a new part... so for us it made perfect sense for our next chapter (new album). For the second time we used the 'Demon of time and space' to be central on our cover art. Because we are conceptual in a time and space based human concept. You can see that the demon almost has these Baphomet like traits, with a scepter in one hand, and mystically praying on the other side, while sitting on his throne of human decay and forgotten bones. Skulls and what once was human... now lies scattered, bound to be ashes to dust.

The portal on the left side represents our journey from Exitential Delusion or chapter one to the second portal on the right our current album. The way this is represented on the artwork is amazing. The demon of time is magically holding one portal open with a scepter and ancient black magic, while praying powers on the other side twists and bends the portal nearly closed. The cold atmosphere and colors used add more value to this concept in our opinion. While the Demon of time still pulls all strings, the human race will be forever bound te be in decay. Time runs out for everyone!

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