Behind The Tracks: ITUS - Sturgeon (Single) (2022)

We wrote Sturgeon in a few sessions using a hook Brandon previously came up with. It just flowed organically from Brandon. Eerily, almost all the lyrics and vocal phrasing flowed seemingly from Reinier during the same writing sessions. Sometimes a song just flows out of the artist and we were fortunate enough to be able to harness that fluke of a situation. You could say that Sturgeon is a genuine reflection of Brandon, Reinier, Vincent’s deepest, darkest natures. The lyrics comment on apocalyptic guilt, with satanic ritualism juxtaposed with Christianity. We named our single Sturgeon because we knew we wanted to develop and shoot a music video that involved Brandon’s cottage, which is built on an inlet out of Sturgeon Bay, Ontario. Sturgeon are also huge prehistoric bottom-feeding fish with armoured skin, which is metal. Brandon is also an avid fisherman so the theme fits well with his personal interests. For us, Sturgeon is a fun bridge between our roots in death metal and where we plan to take our new music.

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