Track By Tracks: THE OCCULT - THE OCCULT (2022)

1. Watch You Die:

Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. I watched a lot of Game of Thrones at the time so a lot of the lyrics came from there as well as Braveheart.

2. In This Night:

Probably a little less on the nose than the previous song but these themes are similar.

3. Deth Doll:

A friend of mine had an old Facebook handle where she called herself Deth Doll. She was going through a time so I decided to write a song for her fictionalizing her name into a character that basically destroys whatever opposition is thrown in her direction. She loved the tune which was an added bonus for sure.

4. Strangling Republicans:

The title says it all really granted I think both those parties are obsolete and should be destroyed. When people put their faith in career politicians, the outcome should be obvious but unfortunately, humanity is tribal so on and on it goes.

5. It’s Amateur Hour:

Former Canadian Prime Minister and war criminal Stephen Harper sold arms to the Saudis a couple of months back and was quoted as saying “I’m really proud of this deal.” Saudi Arabia, as most people know, is known for its massive bombing campaigns in Yemen among other war crimes. The fact that Stephen Harper is proud of his hand in these war crimes is so disturbing it’s really beyond words. This song is a summation of the years he was in power and the fact that people like him can not only exist in society but thrive. It’s really a reflection of how deranged of a society we, unfortunately, live in.

6. 20 Years:

There are 2 main themes here. The first was the experience that the people in Point Pleasant, West Virginia had when they started experiencing hauntings from a creature they ended up naming the Mothman. The other one was my friend's inability to take care of herself at that point in time. I blended both themes together basically

7. Dots:

My disdain for Christianity and all the poisons it pours into society.

8. Gotta Love Those Humans:

Disdain for society’s need for conformity and its inability to welcome people that are operating out of the norm.

9. Dine with Me:

This is about Monsanto and the crimes it's committed and continues to commit in Pakistan and India where they created a suicide epidemic by putting farmers in a position of financial catastrophe.

10. Team Satan:

Highlighting, yet again, my disgust for the church and the slave religion that it imposes on the masses.

11. Planet Pisces:

Students of Astrology know that one of the Piscean traits, that people born under this sign exhibit, is self-deception. Take that concept & blow it up by a thousand and you have Planet Pisces, a tale of insanity & contradictions.

12. Nicole:

An exaggerated tale of a nightmare roommate that friends of mine had to endure.

13. Occupy Unite:

Based on the Occupy Movement from a couple of years back.

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