Track By Tracks: Provectus - Postero Mundi (2022)

1. Gloria Dolorem:

The opening track of the album is really something that pushes various elements that normally would clash together. This is to make a message clear " We are coming". You can hear these deep desolate organs playing deeply beneath while a section of more pagan instruments comes in. A sort of Christian - Pagan clash... to describe it the best. Then the narrative kicks in and describes sections of our last album towards our new album in a very metaphorical yet cosmical-based way.

2. Postero Mundi:

The first band played track that hits the mark right after the intro. Going from a rhythmical style to explosive parts in the song, while also having a big moment of flowing melancholy near the middle section. In general, it keeps its pace going forth, while also maintaining that overall aggression. Postero Mundi is really a track that taps both aggressive and desolate traits overall, "what makes it a great opener".

3. Aetherflow Dimensions:

A slower-paced track at first that switches slow and fast tempos with wider rhythmical riffs. It really transitions in a heavy yet subtle way towards the full-on melodic riffs,... while it keeps building towards this grand break. From here on you hear a lot of open and melancholic-sounding elements. "It's really such a flow that drags you in". The up-tempo pace is regained and rhythm is building towards the guitar solo for a moment of pure chaos. Then it moves back to more power and aggression again to keep that hatred-fueled flow going.

4. Bane of Existence:

Opens with a clean intro where every band member kicks in subtle one by one. The almost dreamlike melancholic feel of the intro is backed up with synths to give u more of that early "Immortal Vibe". Black & Roll vibes kick in after the intro and build forth in the same way at a faster pace. Dragging you in by the slow yet strong nature of the riffs, it follows up with way more aggression and slightly more melody. Once we reach the middle section of the song the Black & Roll vibes go maximum with a nasty and heavy break that really punches on. Bane of Existence really is a track that has a vast nature, going from "melancholic flowing to very militant rhythmical aggression" and a variety in between.

5. Lucid Nightmare:

This one is a special track that breaks the album for a bit with a sick and twisted instrumental haunted atmosphere. It's about having control while in a dream/sleep state... You can hear the heartbeats almost bouncing out of your chest, and tension rises. While the piano is playing various elements kick in, from purgatory screams to more nervous-like riffs on a second piano. The powerful and darker parts where an additional synth kicks in the "Gregorian style male choir vocals" tops it all off.

6. Torn Fabric of Time:

A saga of a track! This track has the longest running length on the album with a wide array of variating riffs that hit on the entire E.Q. spectrum. A lot of rhythmical and chaotic structures are used in the beginning while the narrative is going strong. Then we move to more old-school riffs that keep the bridge going strong. After the pace shifts in the first section, the bass guitar compliments the part with a slow and deep melodic solo. The pace is rebuilding after the slower sections, dragging you into the same chaotic and rhythmical flow. Towards the middle section of the song, there is breathing room for the listener with melodic touched "Windir style riffs". After that pure evil kicks in again and shreds forth to a very strong narrative section. Then the track keeps its same pace until the guitar solo shrieks in. We hit that Windir riff road again with more speed, swapping between melody and chaos with that epic end touch.

7. Disordered Phenomenon:

Our shortest track of the album with the most aggressiveness over the entire song. It pushes hard rythmical riffs to moments of militant chopping and otherwise. Heavy from the start with a transition to more subtle parts and sections, just to explode again! The riffs are followed up by filthy and bashing Black & Roll, where the bass realy goes mad underneath. "It keeps a strong momentum going from start to finish".

8. Fractured Entity:

It's a more desolate and disturbing track that has its own dose of insanity while maintaining that same paced melancholy until it explodes into an epic melodic burst. Opening with a flowing melancholic style riff where elements of the sea dive underneath... the sound is getting wider, louder, and bigger until the intro starts. The first section keeps the melancholy going strong and transitions into this theatrical breakdown riff. Followed up by a totally different vibe, it switches to this fast melodic part that gives that bigger than... moment. And chaos returns with a breakdown again to build towards this open-flowing second break. "Latin choirs and vocals fill the space" making the break really something epic. And there we go again, melancholy all the way until the end swapped with these little mad moments from breakdown elements. A very old-school-sounding solo jumps into the section and kicks in the final long run of melody to break again.

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