Track By Tracks: Tonic Breed - Fuel The Fire (2022)

1. Fuel the Fire:

A song that repeats itself twice with two different endings, which correlates with the lyrics. A new start, let us say it like that. Fast, energic, and groovy. You get it all in this song with tons of riffs. The only Tonic Breed to include blast beats – Dirk Verbeuren is a beast on the drums.

2. No Rocks on the Scotch:

Björn Strid pushes the limits on the chorus to places I never will be able to vocally. This song has some serious groove elements. This song has the sound I always wanted and is the reason why I chose Viktor Gullichsen to do the mix and engineering on Fuel the Fire as well.

3. H.E. Antagonist:

The first song from this new era with Tonic Breed. A little more melodic but still a heavy song, engineered by Oliver Palotai from Kamelot. He also did the mix on this song, and I do not regret that a second. He also did the guitar solo, and I recommend giving this a listen!

4. Blood Moon:

Paradoxically the most played Tonic Breed song to date, despite the musical contrast from earlier releases. This song is a more layback melodic piece that takes the listener for a little fairytale.

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