Behind The Scenes: CHOKE - Crisis Phase (Music Video) (2022)

From the upcoming album “CHOKE3”, out in October 2022.

Written and composed by REON.
Arranged and mixed by KVYA NONO.
Video direction and edition by KVYA NONO.

The lyrics are based on the anxiety state that came with the beginning of the pandemic outbreak 2 years ago. It is a metaphor for “an invisible enemy attacking us”. This is a work of fiction, but we live in an era when reality outdoes fiction.

Regarding the composing, the purpose was to create a BPM and a bass-rhythmic pattern with the gloomy stagnant vibe of being covered by rain clouds. This song is one of the various beats that were kept as a record during the learning stage of beat making.

As for the music video, we first decided to make it black and white as suggested by bassist B5. Later on, guitarist NONO came up with the idea of using a convertible car and a seaside location. We self-produce everything, from the video to the music, so we enjoy being in charge of the decision-making. Of course, it isn’t just fun, there is a lot of work too.

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