Behind The Tracks: Murky Claw - Heroes (Single) (2022)

"Heroes" is the first single from his upcoming EP which will be called M3TAVERSE. This work is being mixed, mastered, and co-produced by the well-known Dj Zardonic, a Venezuelan based in Germany, who in addition to being a producer, audio engineer, and composer with twenty years of experience in the music sector, is one of the most touring Venezuelan musicians. in Europe and his credits are shared with world-renowned music projects such as Fear Factory, Bullet for my Valentine, Sonic Syndicate, Arturia, Slate Digital, IK Multimedia, Desorden Publico, and his music is heard on high-end channels such as TNT, NBC Sports, among others.

"Heroes" is inspired by events that are news in the world today and is dedicated to all those people who defend their history, their families, their lands, and above all to those heroes who risk their lives in the wars of this century. The song is an auditory film that reflects the feelings of human beings who have gone through war situations and attacks with massive weapons. The musical evolution is notorious with respect to their previous works and that is precisely the direction that marks the new facet of Murky Claw, preserving the essence of their ";guaro metal" with alternative elements and the explosive melody that has characterized them since their beginnings.

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