Track By Tracks: Eaten By Sharks - Eradication (2022)

1. Shallow Water:

Lyrically, the opening song of our EP sets the scene for some nautical mayhem. The song depicts a swarm of humans imposing their presence in shark territory. Responding to the invasion, the Sharks bite back attacking, creating fear and madness. Humanity, desperate to save itself, exacts revenge on the sharks, but don’t realize that they killed the children of a gargantuan mother shark who returns to punish the humans for their greedy actions and finishes them once and for all, puny humans.

2. Deadweight:

This song hits quickly, revealing some of the hells we face out on the open waters, alone out in the elements, what will you do to survive? Having to fight for our lives, fighting off infection and the madness that ensues. After losing complete control of the mind, you're left with fewer limbs than you started with, begging for better days.

3. Kill and Consume:

PSA - don't eat shark fin soup. After being cursed for humanity’s poor choices, we are left wishing for the only release possible...Death.

4. Same Face, Different Mask:

This song is a little less nautical, instead focusing on the aspect of being like a shark. A ruthless, unstoppable predator, unable to deal with its petty surroundings. It's time to take matters into your own hands and attack.

5. Depth Charge:

This song gives a first-person view of the horrors of a shark attack. Dragging you down into what could be the mouth of hell. Escape is not possible. All hope fades as the light from the surface disappears leaving you with nothing but a broken shell of a body, until even that gets devoured.

6. Apex Predator:

The POV of this song switches from the victim to the victor. Become the apex predator. Leave nobody alive.

7. Megalodon:

This last song reminds us that no one is safe. After the endless curiosities of mankind bring us into the depths of the abyss, we realize we have awoken what can only be called, hell. The Megalodon is back and hungry after centuries of deep rest. Hope of escape is quickly cut off by the jaw of the colossal beast. Escape is the only chance to live. Will you survive?

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