Track By Tracks: Imaginaerium - The Rise Of Medici (2022)

1. Festina Lente:

This is the motto of the Medici family – Make haste slowly. This means when you act focusing on every detail before you act. Lucrezia introduces the listener to the first step of this incredible journey of intrigues and treacheries.

2. Duty of Love:

Contessina is marrying Cosimo. This contact of spirit and heart brings with it, both privilege and responsibility. She guides us into her contrasting emotions between love and fear. The voice and the music show us how a powerful mix of lights and shades can give us the huge power of this beautiful song.

3. House of Dreams:

This will be a partnership that could change many futures and establish the Medici family into the very fabric of Florentine and, indeed, Italian life. Contessina and Cosimo are thanking each other in this duet to let us know more deeply how their relationship is.

4. The Tide will Change:

Not all are happy with the increasing power and influence that Cosimo is wielding. Rinaldo degli Albizzi is perhaps his primary opponent and resents the Medici rise. He seeks their downfall. Envy and anger is heard in the rendition of this incredible song. Rinaldo doesn’t accept the defeat.

5. Never Close your Eyes:

Swept up by the tide of success, is it possible that Cosimo underestimated the pockets of resistance that lurked in the shadows. He feels all the betrayal a friendship that he still recalls to his mind as a good one.

6. Glass Throne:

Meanwhile, Contessina is the power behind the throne. She holds the family together as the Medici name grows throughout the kingdom. However, she is painfully aware of the immanent dangers around them, and the fragility of their position, should some poisonous elements win through. She has now to show all her strength to maintain Her fragile throne and power. Fear and anxiety grows in the difficult world she lives in.

She understands that the family role is really frail and the risk of collapse stands always behind every action of friends and enemies.

7. Treachery:

It was only a matter of time before Rinaldo and his associates made their move. Cosimo is betrayed and thrown into jail, whilst Contessina is left reeling from the treachery. She is now aware of the fact that she is the only one in the strong position to let her husband out of this dangerous situation. The personalities of the three characters are all heard in the singing of the three performers.

8. Fall from Grace:

Thanks to his wife and close friends, Cosimo narrowly evades execution, but is forced to accept exile from his beloved Florence. Lucrezia tells us the delicate story of a powerful man brought to exile through the worst deception. He feels a moment of fragility in his restless run for freedom.

9. Will I Never Return?:

From his temporary home in Venice, Cosimo is forced to lick his wounds and take stock of his situation. He faces up to the chance he will never see Florence again. But Florence is his home , his heart and his passion. He has everything there. He can not accept to be in a place without being able to take action.

10. Fortunes Reverse:

The tables begin to turn against Rinaldo, and Contessina can sense a change in the tide. Now may be the time to restore the Medici family to its former glory. Contessina is now trying to convince Rinaldo about his wrong ways and tells him that the game he is playing is very dangerous. He is warned, do not go on like this or your fortune will turn against you.

11. Return of the Medici:

It is now Rinaldo who faces jail, and in a scene of triumph and victory as if from battle, Cosmo makes a grand return to Florence. The Medici family is back in its place of influence and power. This incredible piece of music brings us into all the emotions of every character in an incredible weaving of voices. A piece of difficult music art.

12. Legacy:

Contessina reflects on the tremendous influence and legacy that the Medici family will undoubtedly have throughout history. She thinks back and goes into the future with her thoughts. She can see the antique splendor and she can finally focus on the beautiful future of her offspring. She can see the beauty of their lives and the glory of the family name remain in history. A family that will give art, beauty and power to one of Italy’s most incredible cities: the glorious city of Florence.

A very strong interpretation gives this song all the power it needs to express the feelings of the De’ Medici family.

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