Track By Tracks: AITTALA - Live To Regret (2022)

1. Live to Regret:

A swing metal-inspired track about whether to keep secrets or come clean.

2. Collateral Damage:

A hard rock/metal track about dealing with relationship ultimatums.

3. War of Attrition:

A driving metal song about toxic chaos in a relationship and the struggle to leave or stay.

4. Saint:

A modern-day metal ‘ballad’ about the pleasure and pain of a toxic relationship.

5. Cannibals:

A thrash-inspired track about the tightening grip of governmental monitoring and control.

6. Betrayed:

A hard rock/metal track about trying to leave the past behind, but it always seems to catch up to you.

7. Big Brother:

A sludgy metal song about the devolution/zombification of the human race due to technology.

8. Dancing with Disaster:

A groove metalesque track dealing with addictions causing a twisted sense of reality 

9. Never Forget:

A stoner metal-inspired song about dealing with a toxic person.

10. Well Enough Alone:

A traditional metalesque track about finally walking away from an unhealthy situation.

11. Juliet (2022):

A reimagined version of a 2011 released industrialesque track featuring real drums and guitars (neither of which the original had) that tells the tale of a serial killer and his obsession, Juliet.

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