Track By Tracks: MATT MILLER - Monument Of Velocity (2022)

1. The Fissure:

The album intro was written to present the idea of suspense mysterious and somewhat unsettling. This song creates a lot of tension.

2. Abominable Sands:

Abominable Sands released the tension of The Fissure by making a statement right off the bat that this album would feature a lot of fast passed and tense dynamics. This song also features a lot of exotic scales and modes that are relieved by major chord progressions.

3. The Obscurantist:

The Obscurantist is a fun song to play and equally exciting to listen to. The song begins with an adventurous melody that is quickly followed by a sweeping change in tonality. This song features a lot of modern ideas but is also complimented by rhythmical complexity and grinding riffs.

4. Monument of Velocity:

The title track brings all the ideas from the album to a focused central point. Dynamic, crushing, and souring this track encompasses all the elements from the lowest lows to the highest highs.

5. Coral Sword:

Coral Sword is based upon a Japanese folk melody that was written in the 1700s. The creation myth of the islands of Japan also played an important role in the baroque-influenced melody. This song represents a fusion of western classical ideas and Japanese phrasing as well as tonality.

6. Sacred Geometry:

Sacred Geometry is the sound of seamlessly shifting from one melody to another. Like a sorcerer casting a spell, each phrase comes together to create a construct that is forever changing. Enhanced by the nontraditional Indian-influenced melodies reminiscent of the vocal native to that culture.

7. The Acheron:

The title for the Acheron comes from the name of a ship in the late 1700s. This song is heavily influenced by classical themes that build to an exciting climax.

8. Human Race Against Time:

This song begins with high intensity that makes a statement demanding the listener's attention. Never faltering, each melody reinforces the dramatic feeling that this song creates. Catchy as it is invigorating, this track is relentless.

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