Track By Tracks: Obsidian Skies - Saturnian (2022)

Saturnian was mixed and mastered by Tom MacLean at Twelve-Tone Studio

1. Celestial Age:

In this track, humankind first leaves a dying Earth to settle on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Astronomers have predicted that in our solar system, Titan would be the best second home for humanity. The settlers are awed by the sights they see, such as a gas giant on the horizon. It seems that hope has been restored for the human race, but the settlers still lament their former home.

2. Rebirth in the Stars:

Following the events of “Celestial Age”, humanity has established a functioning colony on Titan. People have jobs, life is flourishing, and it seems that humanity will rebuild. However, there are those that cannot look past the fact that these people chosen to live on Titan seemingly abandoned the rest of humanity to their fate on a dying Earth. These people riot against what they see as a facade of what used to be and cause untold damage to the colony. The military power on the colony organizes and quells this insurrection, and instills a very strong regime of order. Everyone is once again at peace, but people do not live fulfilling lives. At the end of the song, a new speaker calls for riots against this oppressive dystopian regime.

3. Home:

This song is less of a story, but more of one man’s lament for his former home and the exploration of his emotions. He begins by expressing that nothing he sees around him in this new place can compare to his lost home. While he may live and breathe here, none of the lands he sees have been “colored by stories and songs”. As the song continues, he notes that while the end of the world took away much of humanity’s achievements, it preserved our stories and our pasts. The song concludes with him acknowledging that he and his peers have a unique opportunity to write new songs about a new home.

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