Band Biographies: STRAMONIUM

'STRAMONIUM’s sound ranges from classic rock to 70's psychedelia, modern stoner to old-school doom and results from mixing all these references with heavy blues-styled jam sessions. Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Iron Maiden but also Jimi Hendrix, MC5, Motorhead, these are just some of the main references throughout the work. Their colossal and dark sound recalls themes and atmospheres dealing with occultism, esoteric doctrines, symbolism and specifically the cult of the Moon. Floating between melodic vocal lines, acid reverbs and hypnotic slow riffs; fast fuzzed solos and heavy-muff rhythmic lines, the Italian four-piece takes its listener on an introspective trip through a decadent and obscure landscape, made of pagan worship and a genuine passion for the 70’s heavy-rock scene.'

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