Band Biographies: Void Cruiser

Void Cruiser is a heavy alternative rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The band has been evolving since 2011 and developed its sound into a distinctive mixture of 90s grunge and heavy rock, with some taste of desert rock, post-metal, and shoegaze.

Void Cruiser delivers vast soundscapes and unrelenting riffage with mellow and melancholic sonic aesthetics reinforced with smoothly dejected lyrical expression. Some influences throughout the years include Alice In Chains, Type O Negative, Deftones, and Kyuss.

Void Cruiser released their first album Overstaying My Welcome in 2015, gained some followers and the album received some decent, even praising reviews. With their second full-length album Wayfarer (2017 - Argonauta Records, Oak Island Records) the band renewed their sound and clearly started to establish their own way of doing things. The album was highly praised by the audience and media, which brought a lot of support and led to recognition on albums of the year lists (Metal Nexus #2 and More Fuzz #6).

Now Void Cruiser - strengthened by one additional member since the previous albums - has created its third record and is ready to unleash the full power of its sonic excess.

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