Track By Tracks: Epidermal Veil - Psalms Of The Flayed (2022)

"Psalms of the Flayed" deals with an extinction-level event where humankind is besieged by monstrosities that pour down from the sky. Laying waste to live as we know it, this swarm of creatures seems to serve a mysterious master that seeks to harvest us. The initial horror is nothing compared to what awaits when the ferocious deity Ursath descends upon mankind.

Each song is an account of Ursath's coming told from various perspectives on both sides.

In the opening track "Crimson Sky" a man is struggling to even make sense of what it is he's seeing and experiencing. Unable to comprehend his own demise he likens his antagonizers to an unholy force that brings damnation with them. The rest of his existence becomes sheer horror and he loses his mind completely when she realizes they are after his skin.

"My Wish, Your Veil of Flesh" is a declaration of impending doom by the invading force. Abandon all hope, denounce your false gods. You are weak. Life on earth will be extinguished, only leaving you smoldering ruins.

"A Darkened Wasteland" is told from the perspective of a man that somehow managed to get away from the torturous harvesting process of the swarm.

Gravely injured he wanders what was once his home, but is now merely a desolate wasteland, in search of survivors or anything which might bring hope.

He is met with nothing but destruction, despair, and screams echoing in the distance. All hope is lost and there will be no salvation. He is already dead.

"Swarm of Ursath" is the anthem of the minions of Ursath. They sing his praises and celebrate his onslaught. It is an insight into the swarm's service and dedication to their master.

The final track "Reaper's Nectar" is told from the perspective of the dark deity; Ursath himself. He declares his disgust for mankind while commanding his faithful servants to revel in the death and destruction they wreak. This is judgment day, and humankind's sacrifice will serve a higher purpose.

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