Track By Tracks: Mind Erasure - Connive (2022)

1. Proem:

Proem, this is a prelude, in it, there are riffs of the songs you will listen to on the album.

2. Pray For Salvation:

Pray For Salvation, it is what is says, anger against the manipulation the religions are doing.

3. Azrael:

Azrael, this song talks about personal demons, such as depression. And how easy it is for someone to lose the battle against it.

4. Mind Erasure:

Mind Erasure, it talks about the influence and the addiction that most humans have to social media and smartphones.

5. Connive:

Connive, existential and nihilistic…

6. Cataphasia:

Cataphasia, sometimes a possession can be seen as a psychopathic condition.

7. Sore Eyes:

Sore Eyes, truth is not always what you see.

8. Last Stand:

Last Stand, many will think that this song is inspired by the Spartans! The truth is that the lyrics are about the lone Viking on Stanford bridge.

9. As First Light never Comes Part I:

Seal’s Break

10. As First Light never Comes Part II:


11. As First Light never Comes Part III:

Life’s Epilogue. A tree part song about the aftermath of a nuclear war.

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