Track By Tracks: Ubik - Solace (2022)

1. Laplace’s Demon:

I believe our Universe is deterministic: since the Big Bang, everything in it has been the result of a "great causal chain", which is basically an endless loop of applying the laws of physics to the Universe's current state. Therefore we, as human beings operated by a brain whose chemical state is a part of the latter, have no free will at all: we, as everything else, are part of this great causal chain. The song essentially tells us that, but also argues that it does not mean we should renounce making choices: we still are the masters of our respective "universes" at our own scale and in our own perspective and can have an impact on both our lives and the world around us. Our cultural and religious legacy tends to make us blind about it, especially today with the rise of what are essentially economy-worshipping CEOs as political leaders. Let's not confuse plain causality with "manifest destiny".

2. Total Rip-Off:

Continuing from the previous song, the theme here is the lack of political representation we are all getting sick and tired of, especially in this context of imminent social and environmental disaster. In a world where protesting is to no avail, where our very survival as a species can no longer be taken for granted (at all), I honestly am clueless regarding what to do next if we want to preserve the little freedom we actually have regarding how to shape our society, let alone gaining more - if we keep playing by the rules, that is.

3. Over The Moon (And Back):

This is sort of the opposite of the previous song: it is very personal and about a single human being. This world is a dark place, but there are truly good people in it, sometimes even too many for their own sake. She is the best I have met so far; I wish I could have been part of the solution rather than the problem for her.

4. Waiting For Players:

Once again continuing from the previous song, I'm dealing with the process of opening to other people here. It's sort of a first-world problem, but a person's background and lifestyle can make them inherently alone. Accepting to be part of the team instead doesn't mean forgetting yourself along the way, but rather the opposite: it will prove beneficial for you in the long run. It's a leap of faith, but a worthwhile one, as long as you don't forget things can't just go one way.

4. Battle VS Gym Leader:

I love old video game music when it is well-written enough to overcome the technical limitations of its original support. There are many examples of that, and this one turned out to be very fun to play in a punk rock fashion!

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