Band Biographies: Athenesi

Athenesi is a Heavy Metal band from Italy with extreme metal influences from the old school, modern style, and other genres.

The band was formed officially in 2020 in Bergamo (Italy) by the vocalist/guitarist Marco Espada, the drummer Alessandro Ferraro and the ex-guitarist Mattia Bonacina. At the end of the year 2020, Matteo Boschini became the official bass player.

The first project was formed in Bergamo (Italy) in late 2016 when the guitarist/singer Marco Espada (from Argentina) placed a post on Facebook. The guitarist Mattia Bonacina answered the advertisement, who at the time was trying to find a band together with his bass player Emiliano Offredi.

Some months later Alessandro Ferraro joined the band as a drummer after he left his previous band.

After several concerts, playing covers, the first demos, and changing some bass players, the band decided to produce the first debut album in the studio.

In the year 2020, the band met the producer Jean Manuel Albericci Origo, who, after listening to the band’s demos, decided to produce their debut album, but the quarantine slowed down the work.

As a trio, the band released their debut album ” At The Beginning”, on October 21, 2022.

Athenesi is a band that loves to experiment, and will certainly offer different content in the future.

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