Band Biographies: Endure My World

Endure My World is an Extreme Metal Solo Studio Project. What started as songwriting, tracking, and mixing practice quickly became a full-fledged studio band and outlet for sole member Allan Hull.

With influences from The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Exocrine, Purulence, Arkaik, and Distant, EMW sets out to make their own blend of Extreme Metal and mark on the scene.

Starting under the name "OCCURRENCES" the foundation for what would later become the "Chaos Construct" EP was laid. While working on the EP, Endure My World shared a 3-song Demo with The Total Deathcore and signed to the roster alongside Kingz & Theivez, The Head of the Traitor (UK), Deadwood, The Order of Elijah, Immurge, What Drives the Weak, Avocyn, and more!

With this new partnership, the EP was released in July 2022 with merch, CDs, Vinyls, and a full EP stream via Total Deathcore's youtube channel (

Following the EP release were a short break and a new single on Halloween 2022 called "Fear Feaster" with another single planned to close out 2022.

Endure My World has begun production on a follow-up LP entitled "The Bastard Plane" which is a direct follow-up the the "Chaos Trilogy" songs' lore from the EP. Keep an eye out for the full-length and other Total Deathcore releases in 2023!





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