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Following in the wake of their wonderful first single, ‘A Prisoner On The Seas’, West Yorkshire’s progressive metallers Knim now unveil their full debut release, When A Star Falls. This inventive and expressive set of songs leads the listener through themes of loss – the loss of love, magic and dreams – tales of betrayal and feelings of isolation. The sparkling rhythms and serpentine riffs dance upon a bubbling elixir of emotion, leaping from the spirit-sapping grind of existence into a tumbling rush of colour and fantasy and back again. Each song contains an array of musical movements, tempos and textures, the band’s considerable talents allowing every aspect of each piece to be explored to its fullest extent. Be it the overriding, thundering urgency of ‘The Incongruity Of I’, the beautiful, gradually evolving melancholy of ‘When A Star Falls’ or the familiar epic grandeur of the adventurous voyage that is remastered single ‘A Prisoner On The Seas’, each second that When A Star Falls has to offer is special. You won’t uncover every treasure hidden within these finely crafted songs on the first listen – you’ll still be finding new moments of magic months from now. When songwriting, musicianship, great riffs and even greater imagination come together the result is a rare album like When A Star Falls. The result is Knim.

Everyone who heard the ‘A Prisoner On The Seas’ single in its original incarnation will have been harbouring high hopes for what Knim’s first album would bring and When A Star Falls fulfils all those hopes and more. Being blessed with a rich, deep, organic sound quality thanks to the remarkable work of producer Ari Rannus and coming adorned in the fantastic artwork of Avenged Creations, when it is released on November 25th this album will challenge you, thrill you, uplift you and submerge you in visions. Be there at the birth of one of the most exciting progressive metal prospects to emerge from the UK in recent years!

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