Band Biographies: Revenge Of The Fallen

Revenge Of The Fallen is a Portuguese act, founded in 2016.

After two years of going back and forth, experimenting, and jamming with different musicians, the band consolidated its lineup at the end of 2017.

The following year the band would finally perform its first gig, at their hometown of Cascais (Lisbon), as well as release their first EP “Pareidolia”, which refers to the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

Hyped with the result and acceptance of the EP on the Portuguese underground movement, the band started to work on a bunch of new songs, more melodic and yet faster and groovier.

In October 2019 the band would release their second EP “UnBroken”, a cathartic album for everyone in the band, that had been plagued with love life problems in recent years, some of which led to divorces.

In fact, the pure conception of the record, as well as the track listing were designed to replicate their experiences: “Flames”, “Tears”, “End Of The World” and “Moving On”.

In 2020, with an extensive schedule of shows already booked, the band saw the devastating Covid pandemic stall their music (and the world) to an indefinite status.

Regardless of the situation, ceasing activities or stopping the bullet train was never on the table and the band would even change to a bigger rehearsal room, in order to survive the pandemic and further develop their musical legacy, as soon as the Covid restrictions applied to the Portuguese territory would allow.

In 2021, a one-off song called “The Ballad Of The Saints” would be released on all the streaming services, where the band already had its catalog, but with a video on YouTube as well.

Individually recorded at each of the band members' house, and mixed by the drummer, Carlos Araújo, it would be the first experience of the band, challenged to make something different, and yet, meaningful.

A representation of pain, sorrow, and hope.

In the same year, the band devoted their absolute attention to the writing and recording of their debut album.

After a couple of months of writing the new material, it was time for taking it to the studio: Nox Messor Sound Studios in the Portuguese capital, property of Tiago Mesquita, was the selected spot.

So, without missing a heartbeat, all songs were promptly recorded during the 2021 autumn.

In January 2022, “Fall From You” would be released as the first single of the album, “Echo Chambers". Shortly after, a video for “A Fine Day To Live” would be released, in a video shot at the band’s rehearsal room, turning it into a white void with a multitude of layers and psychedelic colors, produced by the band’s drummer Carlos Araújo.

The video gained some hype, and the band, in full throttle mode, expeditiously went on to film the third video for the album, their first ever song in their native language Portuguese, “Ilusão”.

Shot on a venue that has hosted concerts for the likes of Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, Moonspell, R.A.M.P., or the Brazilian act Ratos de Porão, the video - entirely in b&w - would tell a story on the perception of light and darkness, produced by the band’s guitarist Fábio Gil. With the fascinating choreography of Beatriz Pereira, the video would reach 10.000 views on YouTube in an interval of a few days, making it the most-watched video of the band.

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