Behind The Artworks: Alienator - Regrets (2022)

I came up with the concept. I had a bunch of old-times family photos and I worked with Peter David Wragg who does all our photography, album layout and videos. I wanted the faces to be removed somehow. First we went with burning but that wasn’t quite right, so I thought we could smash the faces out like someone took a hammer to the glass. I provided feedback like “smash the baby’s face out more,” which felt strange to type. I liked the idea of having a motif with the smashed faces throughout the album, even our band pics and Peter had the idea to put them in frames and hang them on a crappy- looking wall with peeling wallpaper. He did a great job as always. The album is called Regrets so the concept is about trying to destroy the past by defacing and vandalizing these photographs.

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