Behind The Artworks: Promise Game - Connecticut (Single) (2022)

A true story riddled with defeat and happiness. The cover artwork for "Connecticut" illustrates how Colin (vocalist) felt sitting on the freeway when nothing that day seemed to be going as planned. A gorgeous Spring day, yet everything has been flipped upside down - that was essentially his view from the backseat of the van, driving from New Jersey to Connecticut for day two of a three-day weekender with Driveways, Goalkeeper, and Cheer Up Dusty back in May 2022.

The defeat truly starts with a four-hour drive that quickly turned into a much longer ETA that had us worried if we'd even make the show. But the real dagger to the heart comes when the phone rings - sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, we're told the VRBO booked for 10+ people was never actually available. We had nowhere to stay, the same day Yale's graduation was taking place just down the road. The only option was an expensive hotel room an hour away, which we knew wouldn't have enough space for everyone. At this point, the day was a total disaster.

After hours of stressful driving, we somehow made up some time on the road and got to the venue before the show started. Once the van doors flung open at The Beeracks in East Haven, we heard our buds Driveways running soundcheck and we were greeted with nothing but huge hugs and smiles from people who were ready to help us flip the script and hit restart on a tough day. That night turned out to be one of the best shows we've ever played, a night that'll never be forgotten and will now forever through our latest single "Connecticut''.

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