Behind The Tracks: OUIJA - Fathomless Hysteros (Single) (2022)

What is a "TRIPI"?...what was a Tripi?...because the Dragon's claw pounded the nails in your brain, is it the Ying and the Yang, is it darkness or is it light... We do not know. Everything is cyclical, or death is the beginning. 

There is no beginning, only an endless cliff where you fall into the unfathomable is your eternal cry who calls to the gates of immortality that never open. 

Is the void that awaits you or her scythe awaits you, sharp and cold. Cold and empty it is the night of the end of time, between vortices of bones your soul spins like in a cursed hurricane, and in its bottomless corridors, it will pound you again. Its claws the winged Dragon... as it engulfs you in the turbulent infinity.

P.S; Tripi…LSD…or Hysteria.

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