Track By Tracks: AGHIAZMA - Carnage (2022)

1. Try Harder:

Pathetic track with an unexpected glamorous breakdown. An easy and relaxed immersion of the carefree life of a rock star.

2. Surrender To The Gravity:

An autobiographical work of a praying mantis female saturated with occult feelings. "When you are suffering u know that I have betrayed u," as the great Mr K. said.

3. Remedy:

The diversity of being was divided into categories. Who said that the night is dark and the day is bright? And we will receive salvation only after going through great torment.

4. Mental Abuse:

Shakespearean romance and suffering is nothing compared to abuse and gaslighting. Night road, rain, memories.. Magic has nothing to do with law.

5. The Legacy of Meat Grinder:

The dead have risen from their graves to warn us and inform that we are meaningless, useless creatures and life is a path that leads from birth to the meat grinder.

6. Slaughterhouse:

Nothing flatters good deeds better than a visit to the slaughterhouse! You begin to appreciate your own life, your time, loved ones, children, and you also remember that you have to go and feed those loosers from the basement, with whom you use to "play" from time to time

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