Track By Tracks: Ashen Heart - Slay (2022)

1. Slay:

The track is fueled by the death doom metal subgenre we love: powerful and deep growl with epic and violent lyrics, heavy guitar riffs, and unyielding drums.

Authentic homage to the DOOM license, this song is related to the tale of the Doom Slayer.

We wanted to translate the feeling you could get seeing the Doom Slayer crushing skulls and blasting demons with heavy guns next to you in the DOOM universe.
This feeling of despair, fear, extreme violence, and power.

2. Ignite My Heart:

The track is about a woman trapped on a date with a crazy guy, it turns out she likes him more than expected.

3. Burn:

The track is about the Devil burning the damned souls in hell as punishment for their crimes.

4. Stalker:

The track is about a guy obsessed with a woman he doesn't dare to approach. He follows her everywhere, as a stalker, until the day he kills her in his ultimate madness.

5. My Own Way:

The track is about a young adult who has been controlled way too much by another person he is related to. He decides this needs to stop and that is time to emancipate, to make his own choices and path: his own way.

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