Track By Tracks: Risingfall - Rise Or Fall (2022)

1. Kamikaze:

This is the oldest song in the band. It was written by a student who didn't know music theory, chords, or scales, just on the spur of the moment. At the time, most of the songs were rubbish, but this one, miraculously, was of medium quality. At the time, I was into NWOBHM and melodic thrash metal, so I wanted to write aggressive yet catchy songs like that.

2. English Motor Biker:

This is a song by the original guitarist Yoshiki, who passed away in February 2022, just like me. He didn't write many songs in his life, but this is his best song, a driving, catchy song reminiscent of Motorhead. The guitar solo in the second half is one of his best takes.

3. 'Dancing In The Fire':

This is a huge tribute to Anthem. Our current bassist loves Anthem, but I had never actually heard of Anthem until he joined us. When he joined, I thought it would be a good opportunity to listen to Anthem, and I was so moved by it that I wrote this song. The chorus is similar to Accept.

4. Rock Fantasy:

Listening to the three songs so far, you might feel that Risingfall is a power metal band. That is correct, but we also like wet NWOBHM and earlier hard rock, etc. This song is such a song.

5. 'Risingfall':

This is a speed metal song named after the band - think Riot, Savage Grace, or some 80s US power metal stuff.

6, Never Surrender:

We wanted to make a song that was not speeding metal, but a bit heavier metal. I think I made good use of modulation, going back and forth between E minor and G minor, but I think it's moderately effective.

7. 'Arise from The Ashes':

This is not a ballad, but a Ritchie Blackmore-Esque folk song in our own way, which Rainbow fanatics will instantly recognize. Also on this song, Kanata, leader of the progressive rock band Crimdoll, plays the mellotron - listen to King Crimson, Genesis, a great symphonic-sounding lineage.

8. Master Of The Metal:

Simple speed metal. I made it inspired by metalcore like Gustank, Poison Arts, X, etc. And the great Abigail.

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