Track By Tracks: Sloppy Joe's - Live In Hamburg (Vol.1) (2022)

1. Devil's Music:

We start our concert (after a short intro) with the track "Devil's Music". It has been been the opener of every show for five years now. We started playing this song long before it was recorded for the album of the same name in 2019. It's a groovy hard rock track with a very catchy chorus.

2. Right Decision:

This song is an uptempo power pop rock punk song. It's the most popular song from our album "Eight Reasons To Rock" (2016). Our fans love this track and now they get it as a live single.

3. Lonesome No.1:

This song is a real ROCKER. Since we started playing concerts back in 2013 "Lonesome No.1" has always been part of our live shows. We transformed the original country song by Don Gibson into a Hard Rock Monster containing blistering guitar riffs and very heavy drums.

4. Make Some Noise:

"Make Some Noise" was originally released on the album "Eight Reasons To Rock" back in 2016. The new live version of this high-energy rock song perfectly captures the interaction between the band and the audience. There's a part where we let the crowd scream "Hey" several times. This rocks.

5. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend:

We call this one a "Country Metal" song - It's a cover version of the old country song by Don Williams that got famous when Telly Savallas released his version of the track in the eighties. Our live version starts with some Country mood and turns into a high-energy rock track. Check it out - you might know the chorus.

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