Track By Tracks: Xeno - Reconstruction (2022)

1. Columns:

Originally named Construct pt.1: Columns of Creation, this was our very first 'progressive' metal track of Atlas Construct. With this song, we went about halfway through re-writing: keeping the essence intact but changing a lot of other ingredients. This is the longest track on the EP. It's about the concept of creation, how light and matter came to be out of nothing, and how we all exist in its wake. With columns we went with a more cinematic approach to our songwriting, favoring orchestral and instrumental parts to reflect the grandeur of life, while also utilizing quintuplet-based grooves. The vocal parts are mostly focused on harmonies to add to this concept, as we wanted to convey a feeling you might expect from a church choir: grand and inspiring.

It's a track with many twists and turns, as we experimented with different influences and bound them together.

2. Pillars:

Originally named Construct pt.2: Pillars of Perdition, we really wanted to completely rewrite the basis of the song. Almost everything has been changed except the chorus.

This track is about the concept of destruction, the violent force that tears all creation down. But also how it brings the necessary change to create anew in the aftermath. This 'clean slate' is something we can all relate to in our life. In contrast to Columns we focused on hard-hitting riffs and growls to convey this raw power, combining our older style of death and newer djent influences together and adding an intimate touch at the end.

3. Gift:

Originally named 'Gift of God', this one has always done very well live, and, as we wanted to add a more straightforward song to our discography, the choice fell on Gift very quickly.

This song is about how mankind seeks higher powers to explain the mysteries of existence.

It's a lot more straightforward and groove-oriented.

In contrast to the other tracks, we kept Gift close to the original, preserving a more accessible song structure.

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