Band Biographies: CLOUDY SKIES

CLOUDY SKIES, Dreamgaze Atmospheric Post-metal, Est. 2019 Paris France, is a duo led by Lionel & Nicolas who both belonged to Ambryo (metal/hardcore 2000-2009) and Eyes Front North (Blackened Post-metal 2009-2019).

The main idea for this new project was to literally "change" direction by crafting an odd and beautiful landscape nourished by not only "Metal" but also many other music genres Lionel and Nicolas love such as indie rock, ambient, post-rock, alternative...

As songs are the reflection of the composer's soul, it was important for them to impregnate their emotions into their music. It could sound like a cliché but sensitivity is part of CLOUDY SKIES and the last 2 years they have been through with Covid-19 and lockdown have helped a lot to write in that direction.

Lionel and Nicolas composed and recorded everything except drums. For that task, they hired the talented Conny Pettersson (ANATA, ETERNAL LIES, TROJAN DOGS...) to perform subtle, ethereal, groovy, and brutal drum parts. The band focused on sound quality and took particular care in fine-tuning track mixing. As for the mastering, it has been processed by the great Magnus Lindberg responsible for many great albums (CULT OF LUNA, GHOST, SWITCHBLADE, PG.LOST...). This results in a clear, spacious, and massive audio experience.

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