Band Biographies: Metal Life Crisis

Metal Life Crisis is a New Jersey based heavy metal force. Formed in 2015 by Shawn Kaiser (guitars) and Kevin Dixon (drums), the group was solidified with the addition of Gerald Franklin (guitars, vocals) and Mark Yard Sr (bass).

Their second full-length release Theatre Of Fire will be released via Sliptrick Records in 2023 and comes at the height of their eight year history blending power, musicality and thoughtful song writing. Another highlight not to be missed on Theatre Of Fire, is the amazing drumming of Matt Thompson (King Diamond).

Metal Life Crisis is excited for the international metal community to hear their contribution to this diverse genre of music and look forward to bring Theatre Of Fire to stages worldwide which will feature their newest member Rich Dinnerman on drums.

Metal Life Crisis are:

Shawn Kaiser – Guitars 
Gerald Franklin – Guitars/Vocals 
Mark Yard – Bass 
Richard Dinnerman – Drums

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