Track By Tracks: Immortal Possession - The Resurrectionist (2022)

1. Mass Murder:

Calling out the Catholic Church.

2. Wisdom Beyond Mortal Measure:

Thoughts about the afterlife and the reasons for humanity.

3. Delicacy of Disease:

A fictional account of cannibalistic revenge. The killer eats his prey.

4. Evilution:

This song is about the nature of humanity.

5. Waltz of the Corpse:

A live story where the living human cannot let go of the dead. The subject keeps his loved one at home.

6. Rectal Dissection:

A story of brutal revenge on Catholic Priests. Full gore.

7. Encorpsed:

Typical gore subject. Man sneaks into morgues to steal and eat corpses.

8. Surgical Castigation:

A story about real justice and revenge. Complete dismemberment and elimination of all senses on the victim.

9. Class Warfare:

A song about the real war going on. The real separation is between classes, not race or gender.

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