Band Biographies: Queen Golem

Queen Golem is a progressive metal band hailing from Roeselare, Belgium. Formed in late 2019, the band quickly made a name for themselves with their unique blend of technical musicianship and emotive songwriting.

Since their formation Queen Golem has released one full-length album, "Nomadic" end of 2021, showcasing their skill in crafting complex and dynamic songs that seamlessly blend elements of metal, prog, and rock. With their energetic live performances and passionate dedication to their craft, the band has earned a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

Their musical style can be defined as progressive metal with a mix of some technical and experimental elements, along with a touch of ambient. They have a unique way of storytelling in their lyrics that match with their music.

With their new release "Guidance by Light" on Friday, January 20th, an era with singer Simon Clement comes to an end, as he wishes to explore other paths in the music world.

Overall, Queen Golem is a band that will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in heavy music, and their constantly evolving sound and dynamic live shows make them a must-see for fans of progressive metal.

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