Behind The Tracks: Queen Golem - Guidance By Light (Single) (2023)

The Belgian quartet Queen Golem has a nostalgia for the 90s. Their new single, "Guidance by Light," has quite a bit in common with some classics from that period.
With hints of Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam in the vocals, the enigmatic roughness of Tool, and the stoner riffs of Queens Of The Stone Age, the song immediately brings to mind the sounds of the 90s.

"Guidance by Light" is a song that was crafted during a magical band rehearsal night, a rare and special occasion where everything just fell into place.

From feelings of insecurity and struggle to a desire for guidance, "Guidance by Light" tackles universal themes with raw emotion and powerful imagery.

The song speaks to the human experience of feeling trapped and inadequate, as well as the fear of the unknown and the search for support in difficult times.

With its evocative lyrics and emotive delivery, "Guidance by Light" translated into a powerful grunge track, equipped with rumbling guitars and gallons of groove.

Guidance by Light is a must-listen for anyone who has ever struggled and sought guidance in their own life.

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