Band Biographies: Burial Extraction

Burial Extraction is an old-school death metal band influenced by the early warriors of death like Obituary, Death, and Mortification. Hailing from North Texas, they are new to the scene but have roots as a garage band that started over 30 years ago and they have recently released their debut single on The Charon Collective, Victory Over Death. Holding steady to the original sounds that they produced decades ago, the debut single is a classic of the metal release today, as it was first written and performed in the early 1990s.

Their first single, along with their artwork is a depiction and description of the rising dead in the final days. Images of resurrection, prophesy and ancient scriptures are spattered throughout their lyrics and symbolic portrayals.

Performed by Brian Lyda on bass and vocals, along with Derek Corzine (Blood Thirsty and Crowned In Sorrow) on Drums and guitars, Victory Over Death was first conceived by Brian Lyda when he was 17 years old along with most of the tracks on this new, yet classic release from Burial Extraction. Their first full-length record, A Shadow Of Things To Come, which will include the single Victory Over Death, is scheduled to hit the shelves and digital airwaves in April 2023.

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