Track By Tracks: Kromheim - Behind The Journey To Divinity (2023)


The idea for this track was very straightforward - we needed something fast and to the point as an opener for the album. What better idea than try depicting a Viking battle scene? We really wanted to portray the chaos of the battlefield, i.e. arrows flying around, war cries everywhere and axes swinging left, right, and center. This is one of the faster tracks on the album.

2. The Landing:

This track was our first single and here we were inspired by the first Viking raids on the Saxon shores. Back then it was fairly small groups of Vikings with 1 or 2 longboats who were mostly pillaging smaller places along the coast and this is precisely what we wanted to portray. We also wanted to include lots of melodic elements on this track reminiscent of the early Melodic Death Metal days.

3. World Reborn:

World Reborn talks about the apocalyptic natural disaster events of Ragnarok (the Viking apocalypse). We wanted to portray the fear of the wrath of the gods and the perilous consequences of human actions. This tune is one of the more mid-paced ones with a heavier focus on riffs.

4. Sword And Soul:

Sword And Soul’s main theme is centered around the loyalty of subjects to their lords and swearing their fealty. This was of course the founding block in the feudal system of the Medieval Age. This track has both slower riffs as well as faster ones.

5.1000 Lives:

This song talks about a massive invasion of a foreign army and how the various clans need to band together to fight them off. Past grudges need to be forgotten in order to save the wider ‘nation’ and their way of life. In this song, we have some fairly fast melodies.

6. Final Arrow:

Final Arrow depicts a Viking funeral scene where one of the fellow warriors has fallen in battle. We wanted to also portray the human side of normal emotions where people feel sorrow and anger in spite of being proud that someone has fallen in battle with honor. Here we also have some more mid-paced riffs that focus on portraying the sorrowful atmosphere.

7. Brothers In Arms (No More):

This song focuses on two brothers who were always fighting side by side until eventually, one betrayed the other. Now their destiny is to fight against each other and unfortunately only one can survive. This along with the first track is the fastest track.

8. Journey To Divinity:

Journey To Divinity is the last as well as the title track of the album. It talks about a man’s journey to the mountain's peak to come as close as possible to the gods and feel their divine power. This is definitely one of the tracks with a more epic feel on the album.

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