Track By Tracks: Litost - Pathos (2023)

The album starts with Tromba, a direct continuation of the previous album Ethos both musically and emotionally, helplessly trying to face many problems when you are downhearted, falling into an endless abyss…

The lyrics on this song, which are more subjective and personal than the previous album, introduce us one more time to Aristotle’s work Ars Rhetorica through the concept of persuasion and twisted influence that make us feel like puppets of our own lives.

We continue with Espectro, where disappointment and disagreement rabidly breakthrough. At this point, the mind dissociates between rage towards something or someone who affects us negatively and the fear created by the loss of our identity.

Even though, just like most of our lyrics, everything is ambiguously open to interpretation.

Vigilante del Abismo, the first instrumental interlude of the album, means an introduction to the next track. 

The sound of military drums and sharp violins set the course for the upcoming chaos, forcing us to forget our desolation, sadness and impotence to start fighting with blind wrath.

This way, Emboscada shows up rather aggressively and full of energy during the whole piece.

This song talks directly to the listener, encouraging them to forget all the bad emotions that are burdening them and stop pitying themselves, in a transition to aggressive hatred that strikes back against those who impose their will. 

After the consequences of irrational, violent rage, Simún, with sad lyrics and melody, depressively takes us back to regret and pain, creating a new beginning for the album and its emotional process.

This track is written from the perspective of a character who sees himself different or inferior to the others, feeling an enraged mixture of sorrow, anxiety and vulnerability, just like being stuck in the mud while watching how the rest can easily “fly”.

Nevertheless, in the middle of the song and reinforced by the change in tonality, this person, driven by desperate fury, understands that nobody will help him, and he must face his suffering to escape that situation.

In Spanish, Barján de céfiro refers to the dunes that are formed thanks to the soft and warm winds of the desert. 

Along this second interlude, the previous character begins a long and dense path full of calm where he can get rid of fear and insecurity before the final march towards a new life.

Vendaval travels across a violent and chaotic battle that needs no words. In this track, our protagonist makes a huge effort to improve himself and forge his unbreakable personality while struggling with the never-ending threats of society and the people who used to take advantage of him.

In the final track of the album, Galerna, it is shown how this person and we ourselves as listeners, have succeeded in the quest for personal change. We can look at the problem with a new rational perspective, free from thoughts that make us make bad decisions; we can utilize the rage that used to hurt ourselves and make us feel impotent in a new logical way so that no one can ever treat us like puppets again.

We are now ready to enter the “logos”...

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