Track By Tracks: Mourning Sun - Second Skin (2023)

1. Undertaker:

This is the opening track. This one touches on some new subjects for us touching as false prophets and blind beliefs, immediately this track hits hard with its instrumentation to really pull the listener in and let them know that we may sound different but still bring it heavily when we need it. Closer to the end of this track the vocals and instrumentals fall in sync while it chops the riffs and gracefully leads to the end.

2. Deadweight:

This one was our first single with our new members and was very exciting to see how we can come together with our new influences. Immediately going into this track with its jaw-breaking chugs it brings the heaviness we all know and loves, this one is for metalcore lovers one and all. Halfway through this track, it has a break that really lets vocals showcase themselves as it pushes out exactly what this track is all about toxic and negative relationships.

3. Spineless:

This one is the heaviest track on our EP and one we had the most fun with. With its bone-breaking chugs and flurries of dissonance, it exudes everything that this is about; Anger, frustration, and betrayal. With more of a djent and hardcore influence on this one, it made it all the more fun to really beat down those emotions to fit into this track. The build to the breakdown on this one was a very happy accident and worth the replay to us.

4. Contrition:

This is very near and dear to us with its subject matter. This one is all about loss and regrets which is very well paired with its lyrics and instrumentation, being our second single before the drop of this EP we were happy to see the improvements we could make on it after its initial release. This track has a lot more of our melodic influences to give this the emotion we needed to convey the rise and fall of it all. The ending of the track is followed by a very enthralling solo paired with the vocals to boot.

5. I Cannot Remain:

This track has been in the work for a few years now and we are happy to have it finally see the sun. It's a lot more reminiscent of our old style with the counterparts and silent planet influence within it, chaotic and melodic are the core of this track. Vocally there are a lot more cleans than screaming which definitely allows us to showcase the versatility between the heavy and soft ends of the spectrum this track meets. This is our closing track for the EP which we felt was very a very fitting send-off to where and what we used to be.

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