Band Biographies: Behind Bars

Behind Bars is a heavy mixture of groovy and thrash metal performed in an explosive and energetic way.

The band formed in late 2015 in Belgium. During their 7-year trip, the band stood on many national and international stages. Going from small youth club stages to massive ones like Wacken Open Air (Germany). They can handle every stage and will use every square inch of it! After a demo (2016), an Ep (2017), and a first full album (2019), the band just finished recording their second full album which will be released in early 2023.

Even after 7 years, they’re still hungry for more and ready to destroy any stage crossing their path. Definitely worth checking out these guys but be aware, standing still will not be an option!

Genre : Groovy thrashy Hardcore/Metal
Location : Geel (Antwerp), Belgium
Influences : Hatebreed, ProPain, Born From Pain, ...

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