Band Biographies: Total Invasion

Formed in New York in the summer of 2021 Total Invasion is one of the heaviest musical entities ever to emerge from the grime and noise of the city. Combining skin-flaying speed with deviant grooves and bone-breaking bludgeon, Total Invasion has created a grisly four-track EP of staggering force and ferocity – Invasion Zone. Opening with the remorseless, relentless ‘New York Tough’ with its arsenal of abhorrent riffs and incredible bowel-scouring vocals from the throat of Ryan Jones, Invasion Zone never lets up for a second. Through the diseased, hook-infested zombie attack of ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’ and the nightmare savagery of ‘Dripping Wet’, to Invasion Zone’s climactic crowning glory, the morgue-dwelling masterpiece that is ‘Human Elation’, which brings all of Total Invasion’s sickening skills to bear in a superlative, sore-covered demonstration of the brutal death metal art. This is one gargantuan beast of an EP!

Mastered by Brad Boatright (Black Breath, Skeletonwitch, Obituary, etc) at Audiosiege Mastering, the sound on Invasion Zone is brutal perfection – the vocals plumbing unearthly depths and the guitars exuding a venomous miasma with enough acidic bite to dissolve flesh on contact. Out now on Brutal Mind, Invasion Zone is already in line for the title of the heaviest release of 2023. Grab your copy now and prepare to be obliterated!

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