Band Biographies: Wyoming Young And Strong

A lone hero in a world that seems pitted against him, Wyoming traveled the universe after his home was destroyed by ancient titans. On his adventures, Wyoming has challenged mystical shamans, traveled through time to worlds of ice and gloom and unrest, and grappled with his own mortality in the lonely black of space. Continually tried by ancient magic, Wyoming struggled and survived despite arcane forces that seemed to perpetually test him.

After learning the tales of their ancient extra-dimensional brother, Wyoming Young, and Strong took up the challenge of bringing the lost folk songs of this epic hero to our world. They hope his stories will guide others and make sense of the frustrations of youth and burdens of strength in a dwindling America. Josh, Jason, and Josh have arranged these songs in the tradition of Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Vocals. As the ancient seers before them, they deliver these songs to you in a way that aspires to make Wyoming proud.

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