Behind The Artworks: BLAST! - Manic Ride (1989) (Reissued 2023)

Welcome to Manic Ride! Parental stickers...need not apply (Tipper Gore should have been relevant now not then). We hope that this artwork conveys the fact that the world is a double-edged kind of place!! There's not much difference between the original artwork for Take The Manic Ride! and this reissue, Manic Ride. Just a switch from back to front! You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something... This great artwork is also the legacy of Justin Forbes, a great artist and a trippy person all around. We gave him the concept but the art itself is all him, and it will always be remembered.

We hope for less AI computer tech and more organic hand-drawn artwork in the future. We usually conceptualize the artwork during the writing and recording process so it always reflects the time and the album/music. So what comes next? We'd have to wait and see!

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