Behind The Artworks: HOG MEETS FROG - humANIMALization (2023)

The basis for the artwork is the title of the EP 'humANIMALization'. It describes on the one hand the becoming human-animal, that is the breaking out of the animal from the human as in a lycanthropic seizure and the associated inhumane, bestial actions that we find again and again among us humans.

On the other hand, ‘humANIMALization’ stands for the conviction that humans are no animals just because we can declare ourselves to be human. However, man is only an animal that has developed very fast - not least because of the oponating thumb - and thus has acquired the feeling of being something other than an animal. From today's point of view, e.g. genetics, this "feeling" cannot be confirmed - if one wants to believe science and its findings.

The cover picture shows two people wrestling with each other, with the seemingly superior person symbolic of the human being.

At first glance, this seems obvious, but if you look at the seemingly inferior person, who is wearing a pig skull with pig skin - you could say - a pig costume, the perspective changes. Also, because the costume is not simply a pig but, but a mixture of pig and unicorn - a unpigcorn. This is made clear by an offset right eye and a horn located where the right eye should be (how it came about tells the song 'ZIGGY the unpigcorn'). This person, lying on the ground in an animal costume, represents the animal in man.

If you now look again at the scenario as a whole, then the position of these two fighting figures shows - so it seems at least - a man superior to the animal within himself. But because he uses violence against himself (or against his own kind, metaphorically seen) he becomes the animal he believes to conquer.

What can be seen very well if one observes the social developments in the world altogether. Therefore the question can be asked: Does the animal live in man or does man live in the animal?

Last but not least, the title tells about how HOG MEETSFROG, often tell their stories, namely in the form of fables. Thereby we transfer human characteristics and actions to animals, as in songs like 'peeping-bear's exegesis of not peeping' or 'of snakes 'n' moles 'n' bulls 'n' dough'.

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