Behind The Tracks: Good Terms - Old Friend (Single) (2023)

Your friendly neighborhood emo band has brought us another hit with their new single, “Old Friend”. Good Terms' new single is an impressive blend of organic-modern production techniques with distinct indie pop and technical metalcore guitar accents. The music video, directed by Ryan Blewett (100 Gecs, Plain White T’s), is a hilarious parody reminiscent of pharmaceutical commercials. Through its visuals and sound, this captivating track explores the journey of learning how to forgive as the band members traverse their own personal experiences with estrangement.

"My family and I weren't on speaking terms for most of the pandemic over a stupid argument that I wasted two years of my life being upset about. ‘Old Friend’ was written toward the end of this conflict as I was working through many of my own issues & building up the courage to try to resolve it.”

Guitarist Zach Boucher continues;

“Actively holding onto so much resentment that the whole time felt like a computer program constantly running in the back of my brain that was slowly draining me. I was getting really sick of that feeling, and I ultimately realized that I was being weak and taking the easy way out. It's really easy to completely cut someone you love out of your life, it’s much harder and takes a lot of mental fortitude to confront someone you love, try to calmly communicate your opinions, make peace, and ultimately learn how to live with your dif erences."

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