Behind The Tracks: Matricide - Obey (Single) (2023)

Obey is Matricide's third single from their upcoming full-length album.

The track consists of slow tribal-like drums, solid meditative riffs, and an epic chorus that takes melodic influence from Depeche Mode.

With elements from Groove Metal and Hardcore, this single is Matricide's most musical and original release.

The lyrics question the seemingly blind obedience of our society, asking the existential question, why do we obey?

The lyrics grapple with the realization that we're all being consciously and subconsciously manipulated by a wealthy few with the power to dictate the way we live. The harsh reality is that the average citizen has been belittled into submission, resigned to following their rules and fighting their wars to fulfill their agenda.
Coming from a politically tumultuous place like Israel, the band cannot help but look into the ongoing political conflicts in the country, the rise in the cost of living, the corruption spreading all over, and more recently — the ever-present fear of the intentional erosion of democracy. With this release Matricide channels society's collective anger and asks the question: Why don't we fight back?

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