Behind The Tracks: May We Meet Again – Lost In Time (Single) (2023)

Our track, “Lost In Time”, is about setting yourself free from someone or something that keeps a tight hold on you and makes you believe that you just can’t live if you let go. That it's your fault. Sometimes we don’t see how bad certain relationships or addictions can be for us, until it’s too late. In fact, we often like to believe that they could even be healthy for us, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. “Lost In Time” is about being able to look within yourself and realize that you are worth fighting for and that your demons are simply worth fighting. It’s about facing the harsh reality when a situation is only destroying you in the long run and letting go of the things that can only hold you back if you keep holding on. We hope anyone dealing with self-hate, toxic relationships and/or substance addiction can find peace in this song, even if only for three minutes.

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