Track By Tracks: Lost Circus - Lost Circus (2023)

1. Broken Shadows:

This is a song about faith and finding the strength to go on. Believing in yourself. Breaking barriers.

2. Come to Me:

Sometimes you need help. Do not hesitate to ask. It is a promise song.

3. She's A Fire:

Relationship song about the love of a good woman and the things they go through with her being his light and goodness in strength.

4. Ashes in Rain:

Metaphorically Gothic with Vampire themes based on a mans failed relationship with a narcissistic woman who leads him on and keeps breaking him only to come back again.

5. I Just Wish:

Break up song. She can't see how much he loves her, and he can't let go. In his eyes, she is making a mistake but can't do anything to turn her around and make her see.

6. Get Over Me:

One strong man who will do anything to better himself. never let them get you down or push you into a corner.

7. Scream:

I think this one is self-explanatory. LOL

8. This Place Is Mad:

Fantasy song bordering on horror. A classic take on being sucked into the underworld of a nightmare, being abducted, and trying to escape. Lost Circus freak show behind the curtains. I had many meanings when I wrote the lyrics. It is our anthem and the last song of the show.

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