Band Biographies: Aisles

Based in Santiago, Chile, and has released four highly acclaimed studio albums, Aisles have become South America’s most important progressive band of the past two decades. The group has played in the Americas, Europe, and done extensive touring cycles in Chile, opening for household names such as Marillion and Focus.
Their latest studio album, ‘Hawaii’ (2016), was called a “masterpiece” and chosen among the best albums of the year by media outlets such as Prog (England), IO Pages (Holland), Raw Ramp (England) and Chile’s premiere rock magazine, Rockaxis.
After parting ways with long-time vocalist Sebastián Vergara in late 2018, Aisles have found a new singer and are ready to start over with a different line-up and a fresh sound. The band will start releasing new music in June, 2021, leading up to their fifth studio album, to be released in the second semester of 2021.

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