Band Biographies: EGO PLANET

Ego Planet is a Heavy Rock band based in New Jersey. The band formed in 2020 from a collection of instrumental demos that founder Chris Baker wrote in the midst of the Covid-19 quarantine.

After several months of writing, Chris partnered up with vocalist/lyricist Jarrett Mead to add a voice to his music. The two collaborated to finish 10 songs remotely while Jarrett was living in Seattle, WA. In January of 2021, recording began at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ with owner/engineer Kevin Antreassian. Throughout the recording process, they drew inspiration from the cosmic horror and psychedelic imagery of their collaborations with visual artist Vince Hanung, expanding on the ideas in their original home demos to create a rich style, entirely their own. The band features Jarrett Mead (Vocals), Chris Baker (Guitars/Bass) and Steve Iannettoni (Drums).

The debut Ego Planet single, “T.H.E.N.” was released October 28, 2021, embodying the band’s powerful and electric signature sound. On April 8 of the following year, they released their follow-up single, “Dead Man’s Float”, demonstrating a more layered and deliberate composition with evocative lyrics. In 2023, the band signed with Argonauta Records, and after more than three years of work they are eagerly planning the release of their first full-length album on digital and physical media.

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